Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory
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General Manager Sungah Han will be your primary contact for areas related to Administration, including Contracts, Insurance, Reconciliation & Payments, and Receptions. The General Management Department can be reached at:

The General Manager will send you a contract that outlines your tenancy at HERE. Any specific questions regarding the terms of this contract should be addressed to Contracts must be signed and returned no later than 2 weeks after they are delivered to you. After your contract has been fully executed, any changes must be approved in writing by both parties. Please do not proceed with marketing or publicity until the contract has been signed. 

You are required to provide proof of general liability insurance to HERE’s General Manager before your tenancy begins. HERE recommends using Fractured Atlas to acquire such insurance if you do not already have it.

The General Manager will create a final reconciliation for your show within one week of your final performance. Box office reports will be available upon request throughout the run of your show as well. 

Reconciliation reports include a breakdown of all ticket sales, including discounts and comps, for each performance less any Ovationtix fees or other monies due HERE. You will receive your final box office reconciliation report on the Friday following your final performance. Upon your review and approval, a check for the amount due to your production will be cut and mailed or held in our administrative office for pick up at your earliest convenience. Should you wish to discuss the reconciliation, please contact the General Manager for a virtual or in-person meeting.

All requests for events in addition to your regularly scheduled performances must be sent to no later than 4 weeks prior to the proposed event date and must be approved in writing. When requesting an event, please include the date, time, type and duration of the event. Do not include additional events on your marketing or production materials without written approval.

Use of the lobby, lounge, or any other HERE space for events is subject to availability. HERE’s Technical Supervisor is required to be in the building until the event is finished.  Any post-show event, including talk-backs, that goes past 11:00pm will result in an additional fee of $27/hour per staff member needed. See Receptions tab for more details.

HERE is happy to host your post-show reception in our Lounge whenever possible.  We have a number of options available to make the evening affordable and easy for you.

  • Service: We provide a cafe worker for the duration of your party at $27/hour plus a minimum $30 cash tip to the worker.  They shall serve drinks and help to set up and clean up the party. We will bill you for his/her service as part of the final box office reconciliation.
  • Late Night Door Monitor: If your event goes beyond 11:00 pm, you will be required to pay for a HERE staff member to monitor the door at $27/hour to ensure that the noise level is kept to a respectable level for our neighbors. After 11:00 pm, the sliding doors must be shut and no loud music will be permitted. Serious fines will be incurred if this policy is violated in any way!
  • Drinks
    • Option 1: You provide complimentary wine/beer/soda for your patrons and HERE’s cafe staff serves it.
    • Option 2: HERE provides and sells HERE stock (wine, beer and soda) at-cost.
      • Open Bar: HERE provides an open bar for your patrons then bills you at-cost for the total as part of your final reconciliation.
      • Drink Tickets: HERE provides you with an agreed-upon amount of drink tickets to be handed out at your discretion. This allows patrons to one drink per ticket. You will then be billed for the at-cost total of drinks served as a part of your final reconciliation. This is a good option if you have a tight budget.
  • Food
    • You can provide your own catering. Please note that we have limited refrigeration space available, however, so some items may need to sit out. Please be cognizant of this when ordering.