The Dancing Mania
Chapter 1, Section 1 of The Dancing Mania
Photo by Maria Baranova

Co-Ops are special HERE presentations. As such, Co-Ops shall follow all of the rules and regulations as set forth in this SubletSeries site with the following exceptions in the areas of Administration, Marketing, and Box Office / Front of House. Please review the details below.

  • Co-Ops shall not pay rent on the space, but shall instead provide a box office guarantee as outlined in the Co-Op Contract.
  • Co-Ops shall not be required to provide general liability or volunteer insurance unless required to do so by third parties. You are welcome to acquire additional insurance, such as volunteer accident insurance; however, it is your responsibility to acquire it. In addition to fiscal sponsorship services, HERE recommends using Fractured Atlas to acquire such insurance for volunteer accident, general liability & other insurance coverage.
  • Production Meetings
    • A production meeting with your technical staff and HERE’s production staff must occur the week prior to the Co-Op weeks. Meetings will be scheduled following the general meeting.
  • Labor
    • You must provide all technical labor for your show, including load-in, strike and operating crew.
    • You must provide a Stage Manager for your show, whose duties will include calling lighting, sound, and video cues, managing performers, performing pre and post show set up and clean up duties, and filling out performance reports to be emailed nightly to the Production Staff. 
    • At strike, the rep plot (both lighting and audio) must be restored and any additional equipment must be returned to where you found them. Any spike marks, glow tape and signage that you put up must be removed. All tape and markings that you put on cables must be removed.
  • Equipment
    • Please send all equipment requests to for review. Please refer to the equipment lists on Technical Details tab for information about what HERE has in stock. We will follow up to confirm what is available.
  • In order to help you meet your box office guarantee of 20 full-priced tickets per show, the company will only be permitted a total of 2 personal comps per performance. Those requests can be sent directly to
  • There are generally no discounts for Sublet Series Co-op tickets. If you would like to discuss this further, and what options there might be, you may contact Amanda Szeglowski,
  • Any industry or press comp requests will need to be sent to for approval at least 48 hours prior to the requested date. Such requests will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • A limited number of “producer comp” tickets can be purchased at $10 per ticket – this will not count toward your box office guarantee. These need to be purchased directly through the HERE Box Office and are not available to the public.
  • Industry/AEA Comps: These comps are only available if the event is being produced under the Actors’ Equity Association Showcase Code. If an event is an AEA Showcase, you should be sure to inform the Box Office early on in your discussions with HERE, and when you submit your comp forms. Industry Comps (as defined by Equity) are bona fide agents, directors, artistic directors, casting agents, etc. As required by Equity, people picking up Industry Comps must submit to the box office a business card, letterhead, or other ID identifying them as a member of the industry. We are required by AEA to keep this identifying matter on file. This is AEA’s policy, not ours; we are required by the union to provide the actors with names, addresses, phone numbers, and organization information for all industry comps, if requested. Members of Actors Equity Association must present a valid AEA ID to get comp tickets to a showcase, only if the event is not sold out. They wait on a standby basis for tickets.
  • Co-Ops shall follow all Marketing policies and procedures, however, they shall be required to use the following phrase in all publicity: “This production is a part of SubletSeries@HERE: Co-op, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as a technical liaison.
  • HERE shall provide Co-Ops with a collective SubletSeries: Co-Op poster for our lightbox